Sunday, 9 October 2011

Zombie fans will love this one!!

Not only has Death Bite 1 done so well. But I then decided to write Death Bite 2, and I am pleased to announce that its now out there over at amazon for sale. At only 0.99 you cant beat that price, and the story is awesome!


Death Bite 2 is the follow up story to Death Bite.

Death is no stranger to Jessica, Jake and Alex.
The survivors of the apocalypse that spread across the world, bringing the human race to the brink of extinction.
Together they wade through the flesh eaters, fighting for their right to survive, bringing food and other much-needed supplies to other survivors.
Flesh eaters have risen to feed from the living, Jessica is a strong woman who with her army in tow must survive the epidemic.
Their search for other survivors is real, the fight to save each other along with the courage and the strength to stay alive.
Will they survive the strange survivors they encounter on their latest and most sinister journey?

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