Serena Embracing Darkness

Waking from being attacked with only a necklace laid beside her as a clue to the attacker. Things begin to get strange as the thirst takes over Serena's life as she tries to battle and escape from her mortal world to prevent her mortal children from being endangered and her partner from becoming overpowering of her life.
Seeing a chance of a lifetime to take a vacation with her mother and leaving to do just that with her step father gawping and finding his own bitter end all too soon, Serena meets Tim who vows to protect her from the many upset and disgruntled covens she's managed to anger.
With the necklace now in jeopardy and the power it holds to the key of Serena's existence and that of the mortal race, Tim reveals his own unique way of feeding in this world.
Together they must succeed in hiding the relic necklace from the evil covens who have given chase.