Latina Horror embarks on a journey to find out if the mystery of the legendary vampire’s her Grandmother once told her about are real.
Entering directly into their domain, the spooky public house where she finds the answers she is seeking and much more. Latina’s story starts here in Locum, with the deadly public house and the mysterious air that surrounds her own life. Will she find out the truth or is she doomed to co-exist with their secret in anyway they choose?
Bestselling author Laurie Bowler brings you another digital short story series starting with Locum where vampire intrigue is at its all time high. This hilarious digital short is sure to keep you intrigued and hunting for more!
Other titles by Laurie Bowler include: Moon Rising, Sunrise to Sunset, Serena Embracing Darkness, Depths of Darkness, Across the City series, Golden Horizons, Volcan Knights, Fangs Inc.

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