Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Horror ALERT!!

Horror fans will love this story too! Another horror to add to my little but ever growing collection, and I have already started another called 'Sliced or Diced: A Real Slasher', but lets talk a little about this one first shall we?

I wanted to create something different than Bloodthirsty Gruesome Tales and Death Bite with purely humans in the storyline and it was then I came up with Hacked Up and low and behold less than 4 days later the story was finished, much to my own surprise.

Here is the synopsis:

Allie Bates longs for the peace and solitude from the strange stalker that had been sending crude and malicious messages and so she leaves her life behind in the city and moves to the country.
Allie moved opposite a strange and intensely dark house opposite, the first of the nightmare soon begin with the strange sounds of screaming.
Rising from curiosity and intrigue she ventures to investigate and then finds herself deep inside a nightmare she wished would end soon.
Will Allie ever be able to escape the nightmare and the constant torture? Or is she destined for death? Who is the psychopathic person that inhabits the house opposite?

And you can buy it here:

Share the new arrival and tell your friends, anyone and everyone who loves a horror will really love this one!!

Happy Reading


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