Monday, 15 August 2011

Golden Horizons is now out and over at amazon for only $1

Here is a short excerpt of the story:

I was bigger than before, growing in both strength and speed every single day. The unusual make up of my DNA was causing me to continue growing inside my Gulon form, and with every transition, I felt different. It was a joyous experience, and I felt elated.
The air around me was clear, no scents and no danger, a nice change to the elements surrounding me.
I couldn’t see the knights that seemed to follow me daily, their intrusion into my life was silent, but still I knew they were there, even at home with Charles they stood silently waiting for me to move and then followed a short distance behind. Inside my dream they weren’t anywhere to be seen, their intrusion was obsolete, making me feel freer than before.
I stopped suddenly inside my dream.
I’d run to the edge of the river, and I stood there waiting without any notion of where to go next, it seemed I’d reached a crossroad, much like my life and the world I now controlled, a huge expanse of space engulfed me. My breathing was hard and heavy, clouds came out of my mouth, and even though I didn’t have to breathe, I liked to try and maintain an element of my former human self. It was something I’d practised every single day, much to Charles’ delight. He’d always prided himself on becoming accustomed to humanity. Having the ability to mimic them was a bonus, and to be able to walk among them without feeding from them was a delight, a fantasy locked inside the real world.
The humans still had no idea we even existed, the secret had to remain that way for their own sake—and their safety. Little did they know we were always close by. The murders that appeared daily in the newspapers were caused by some unknown force that not even I had any idea about.
I stood at the edge of the river, motionless, statuesque and feeling the wind blow through me, the air was rippling through my fur, ruffling it and making me shiver with the delightful feeling it gave. The freedom of the wind was exciting to me, making me want to jump or fly.
I could do both, my formation and my strange DNA allowed me to retain all my vampire traits when I was in my Gulon form. It was wonderful, but Charles warned it was somewhat strange to see a Gulon cat, a large feline creature, flying through the sky, and I had to agree with him.
My dreams were always of freedom, to be released from the powerful role and status I now held. I was scared and unsettled by the numerous visitors that passed this way. Sometimes they came in the middle of the night in their search to see me, to ask for penance and to grow in their numbers. I was readily aware of the changes, the shifting of time that had been settled, I now knew who and what I was, though my destiny was still unclear and the images flashed through my mind.

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